04 June, 2014

10 Instagram Comments
Give more attraction by adding Instagram comments to each photo you posted on Instagram will make your popularity increased. Asking another people or your followers to give comments on your photo is necessary, but you can't force them to give good comments as you like, isn't it?. Now, you can get more comments on Instagram photo instantly, and you can ask for what kind of comments you needed without begging someone. You can buy Instagram comments package service. Many seller can offer you for cheap price. Starting from $1 for each package service. One of the best services can give you 10 Instagram Comments with high quality that come from real Instagram user. To know more about this service, you can continue reading this article.
Service Features :
1.) Quick and fast Instagram comments service (Expected delivery : 1 day, Average time on delivery : 7 hours)
2.) All Instagram comments come from real and active people
3.) It will stay forever. Never drop or disappear
4.) Guaranteed - The seller guarantees that you will get 10 Instagram comments or you will get back 1% from this order with no question asked.

NOTE! This service only available for you who have Instagram followers less than 45,000 followers. The reason is, when the seller try to post comments to someone photo with more than 45,000 followers, it getting disappear. Its the Instagram rules or assuming as a BUGs.
Extra Services :
- Add more 10 Instagram comments to any of yours 10 photos (10 comments for each photos) for $10
- Add more 40 Instagram comments to any of yours 10 photos (10 comments for each photos) for $40

Buy 10 Instagram Comments For $1
Buy 10 Instagram comments

How To Buy 10 Instagram Real Comments

To buy 10 Instagram comments from this seller, simply click on order button above. After you make the payment, don't forget to inform the seller with your Instagram photos link/ulr that need comments to be given. The seller will not send comments if you don't provide your photo link.

Disclaimers :
We are not the seller and provide this service. If you have any question related with this service, you can directly contact the seller. The price for 10 Instagram comments mentioned above can be change anytime without prior notice. If you want to know another services (followers and likes) for your account, you can check our list of best Instagram service seller.